Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Thankful For...

the I-Pad!
Sometimes I hate it, and the I-phones of others, since my kids think that they NEED to play on them if they see them, but there have been many moments made much easier thanks to their apps. Preston is a busy guy but I have made it through dental appointments, piano lessons and swim practices with him sitting quietly by my side as he plays on it. Last week I had to reschedule a photo shoot downtown due to the weather and ended up needing to bring Preston with me. Thanks to the magic of the I-pad and a baggie of his Halloween candy from the night before, we made it through and the shoot was a success :-). 
I snapped this shot of him while Kennedy was drinking her bottle for a minute during the shoot.

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JeanneJ said...

I love our I-pad! It's saved my bacon more than a few times :-).