Sunday, November 4, 2012

Losing My Mind

I know life is too busy when I am forgetting appointments and mixing up the dates of events. I NEVER do that!!! I totally spaced a doctor's appointment and then for some reason I had it in my head that Donuts with Dad at the girls' school was Monday, the was Friday. The good news for them is that I took them to get donuts on Monday because I thought they would be missing them at school :-).
Sunday afternoon we got to dress in fall clothes for a change (we were back to summery wear today).
Last week I did implement some Preston time each day to see if it would help me with his recent potty issues. (He started wetting his pants nearly once a day and my theory was the lack of attention he was getting from me) I don't know if the problem is completely solved, but it was nice for us to get out of the house and play at the park each day either way! He was so excited about this new park we found that we took the girls there after school and then went back twice last week!
And some recent uploads from Ella's camera...guess which were taken by Ella and which by Preston :-).
ella 1
ella 2
ella 3
ella 4
ella 5
preston 1
preston 2
preston 3
preston 4


Annemarie said...

"mom memory" or lack thereof is sooo common at this stage of motherhood. It drove me absolutely crazy that I could forget important dates & appointments. I have resorted to post it notes and google calendar reminders...

Kayley said...

I love that top photo because it shows their littler personalities. And Ella looks like a TEENAGER!