Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RIP Blubby

This post is actual quite delayed, but I only recently realized that I had never documented the death of little Blubby. The weekend before Halloween, when Mike was out of town of course, I was talking on the phone with Kayley and walked into the kitchen. I noticed Blubby was holding pretty still, but he had fooled me many times so my first reaction was just to wait a minute. When he still hadn't moved I shook the bowl a little and realized he was in fact dead. It was traumatic for me both because I didn't want to tell Addie...and I didn't want to dispose of him either!
We picked the girls up from school and when we got home I told Addie I had some sad news. I wasn't sure how she would react, but was surprised by how well she took the news. We had noticed some white bumps on him a few weeks earlier which I had pointed out because I didn't know if they were normal and Addie's first response that afternoon was that they were the cause of his death.
She took great pride in how well she cared for Blubby, so I was sure to talk about how lucky he was that she had taken such good care of him. We also talked about how fortunate he was that she picked him in the first place. Blubby wasn't the most beautiful fish at the store and probably would not ever have been picked had it not been for Addie, so I told her she had given him a wonderful little life. He even made it into our Christmas card notes this year!
We all survived it and she hasn't asked for a new fish, so we are enjoying being a 1 pet household for now.
Thanks for helping Addie through a rough time at preschool Blubby! She sure loved you!
here are some pictures from our first day together

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the Holyoaks said...

Poor Blubby! He was a lucky fish.

I love Addie's turkey. That girl has some serious craft skills and is so creative!