Friday, November 23, 2012

The End of an Era

Last week was the opening night of the last Twilight movie. Of course, after going to the midnight showing of the other 4 I HAD to go to this one too. I really was not looking forward to staying up that late, and was pleasantly surprised that it started at 10pm this year...thank you! We headed to the Alamo to feast while we watched and had fun with most of the crew who attended all the others together. The beginning of the movie was terrible and had us all worried, but it did get better as it went on. I wonder if Stephenie Meyer wishes she could go back and do it all again but pick a different actress to play one that can actually act. Oh well :-). I am very proud of how far we have all come since the very first showing when we were crazed obsessed fans...well, maybe that was mostly me! It's been a fun ride!
Here is a look back over the years:
2008 for Twilight.
We were slightly excited, as was most of the nation and especially the teenage girls in our theater!
2009 was New Moon and we were getting better, but still a little weird :-).
This was also our first time at the Alamo and we never went any other was the way to go!
2010 with Eclipse they did a summer release
 and I missed out on the fun, but went as soon as I could sporting my Edward shirt for fun!
By 2011 for Breaking Dawn part 1,
 I was feeling over it a bit, but there was a huge group of us and that was fun.
And this year, for Breaking Dawn part 2.

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Kayley said...

I haven't seen it yet and was wondering if Kristen was any better in this one - guess not! Looks like you had fun!