Monday, December 3, 2012


Some recent masterpieces from the kiddos...
Pictures by Addie
ad pic 1
ad pic 2
ad pic 3
Preston school project
prest pic 1
Some work and fun from Ella
ella 1
ella 2
ella card
Addie first made this card for Mike and then went on to make one for every person in the family.
The frames were initially empty and the instructions are telling us to "m"ake our own pictures in them. She ended up drawing in Mike's for him
ad card 1
ad card 2
ad card 3
ad card 4
And a book by Addie. She has since gone in to make corrections to her story and add a couple new pages :-).
The Life of the Cat Family
It is ? morning but the cat couldn't find his toy today.
book 1
When the cat was eating breakfast he was sitting at the table waiting (placemat)
But the cat watched tv
book 2
But ? sun came ?
But that night the cat had the worst dream in his life. But that wished it ?
book 3
Then the cat told his mom and dad. "Mom Dad I had the baddest dream tonight"
"Now don't tell us again"
book 4
That morning the cat thought he would have ? but he didn't so he thought he would have the best morning.
book 5
That morning the cat ate breakfast. "yum"
The End. ?
book 6

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