Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Library, We've Missed You!

After mentioning in a blog post that I hadn't taken Preston to the library story time all school year, I realized it was actually story time day that day! (Wednesday, the 12th) With all my family photo shoots done for now, I am enjoying having a little more flexibility in my days, so Prest and I headed over. We went to the preschool story time, which isn't nearly as exciting as the toddler one, but he did pretty well during it and was SUPER excited to pick out books after. Miss Venitha had the week off and we were disappointed not to see her, but we did get to see Miss Anita and some other familiar faces who were excited to see how big Preston is looking now a-days.
 Preston is so thoughtful and wanted to get Addie the book Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. He remembered how hard she laughed over the page about his belly button and although it was checked out, I thought it was sweet he thought of her. He has been pretty whiny since being sick and it has been driving me crazy, but he really is such a sweetheart. He loves to give me compliments on what I am wearing or tell the girls what a good job they did on a picture or project from school. He has lost some weight from being sick too and is looking so long and skinny. Hopefully his appetite is back to normal soon!
That afternoon also happened to be Afternoon Art for the school aged kids. We haven't been able to go to this for a looong time since Ella's piano lessons were on Wednesdays, but since we switched teachers (which still makes me sad) they are on Thursdays now, so hopefully we can start making it more often. Ella didn't want to come (she cherishes her time relaxing at home now that she is such a busy kid!), so Addie and I were able to have some alone time which was a nice treat! We got there a little early and read books until it was time for the craft to begin. They were making little elves out of pictures of themselves. The pictures the librarians had for us were printed out from a couple years ago and Addie and Preston were SO teeny and cute! Hopefully we can get back into our library habits again for the new year!
Rewind to Tuesday...
I was supposed to teach Preston's preschool group, but on Monday afternoon he was still acting a little funny (like falling asleep twice during the day!) so I let the mom's know. In the end we decided I would trade days with someone so that the kids would be safe from our germs. It means I'll have a lot of days to teach in the spring, but what can you do? Preston spent most of the day on the computer...he loves it and it somehow seems better than watching TV while I get my work done.
And cute Christmasy girls on Friday after school

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