Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One BUSY Saturday

Saturday, the 15th, was another crazy Saturday for us.
I left the house with the girls and our first stop was taking Addie to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.
Ella and I stayed a bit and then headed over to her little choir performance at a nursing home. It was really cute and much easier to see and hear the kids than at the tree lighting ceremony which was really nice!
Then it was back to pick up Addie and go home for some lunch.
We had about an hour of downtime and then Ella and I were off to her swim meet. It was one of the small ones that are usually over pretty quickly, but it was running behind because the officials were running late from the district finals of the high school teams. The two races for the 8 and unders were the 50 back and the 50 free. Ella did great and improved both of her times from the weekend before.
As soon as she finished her 2nd race we rushed back home where she got showered and ready and then I took the girls off to another birthday party. One of Ella's friends was having a sleepover and she has twin sisters who are in Addie's classes at school. They invited some of the younger siblings over to be part of the fun too (and stay out of the big girls' way).
With the girls partying, Mike, Preston and I headed out to dinner at Hasta la Pasta. And guess what?! You can substitute gluten free noodles or pizza crust in their dishes now! Super fun surprise for me.
I went and picked Addie up around 7pm and Ella at 10pm. Neither was happy to go when I showed up :-)! They had a lot of fun and came home with some fun goodies! Ella pressured me once again to ease up my no sleepover rule, and maybe I am a mean mom, but I'm planning on no sleepovers ever. I just know it scares me when they are younger for one reason and as teenagers for others.
Anyway, I can't believe by this Saturday there will only be a few more days until Christmas!!! Hooray!



Ella with a couple of her buddies
Ella during warm-ups
50 freestyle  (3rd lane from right)
previous best: 53.22
this meet: 50.27 (12th/26)

50 backstroke  (3rd lane from right)
previous best: 1:01.74
this meet: 58.01 (11th/26)

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