Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pre-Christmas Fun

I've had a nice break from the computer for the last (almost) week, but now it's time to get caught up again! The kids had school the full week leading up to Christmas, which initially Ella was pretty bummed about. It was nice to have the week fly by and then Christmas was pretty much here before we knew it, and it will be nice to have so much time to relax afterwards before heading back into our normal routines. One thing that I didn't realize though is that since Christmas snuck up on us we missed out on a lot of our usual traditional activities. Last year we started doing our own fancy Christmas dinner before all the fun with our extended families...didn't have time for that this year. We missed the live nativity because we had sick kids and we missed the Christmas activities at the school and the library because they did them both the Saturday of Ella's big swim meet. Next year I'm planning to stick to my no photo shoots past mid-November a bit better so we can be sure to fit in more of the things we love around this time of year. We did have plenty of other fun though and here are two of those things.
Tuesday, the 18th, Preston's little preschool group had a party. They did a little performance and then watched a Christmas movie while all the moms hung out. It was so fun and I'm so glad that it all worked out in the end. We have a great group!
when I got there the kids were playing bingo and preston was running around. I told him to come sit and play and he said, "but I already ate all my candies!"
we were missing Lucy, who was sick, and Ian, who opted out of the photos

Preston and I went and had lunch with both the girls during the week, Preston and I went to the library (still trying to get my phone to send pictures), and I had two sweet little newborn photo shoots.
Friday was a half day (plus pajama day) and the girls had their baking day with Nana...just in time for the arrival of Mack and Cheryl that night and the beginning of our real Christmas celebrating!

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