Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sickness Saga

*I forgot to add that the note Addie came home with from her teacher on Monday said under teacher comments, "says everything hurts :(" I can totally see Ad saying that :-)*
We went to the ward party Saturday night, to church the next day and when the girls went off to school Monday morning Preston and I ran errands and hit that little music time.
Once it was over we rushed over to the girls' school to fill folders before the 11am deadline. We happened to be there right at Addie's lunch time so we popped into the cafeteria to say hello to her. She wasn't very talkative, which isn't completely abnormal :-), but seemed different. I was worried she had gotten in trouble or someone had been mean to her at recess but when I asked if she was ok she told me she was very cold. Sure enough, she had little goosebumps all over her arms. I felt her forehead and it was on fire. I told a teacher in the cafeteria that she was sick and that I should probably take her home but lunch was almost over so she said she would tell her teacher to check her when they got to the classroom.
Preston and I headed to the library to shop the book fair and wait for the nurse's phone call. I was certain they would be having me pick her up, so there was no reason to leave the building. Sure enough midway through our shopping my cell rang and the nurse told me Addie had a fever. So, we brought her home, made her comfy and gave her some medicine. She also immediately requested sprite :-). I explained she wasn't that kind of sick (thank goodness!) but we bought some anyway.
The next day her fever would still get high the instant her medicine wore off. Preston went to school, she watched TV and then later that day they watched TV together...they both loved it. I even started to think, man, this is so nice for them to have each other! That night she seemed super hot and really out of it, which is always scary, so I decided I would take her to the doctor if she wasn't improved by morning.
Wednesday though, she seemed good as new. She was a little warm, but was playing and acting completely normal. Addie and Preston fought ALL...DAY...LONG. It was nightmare. Addie was more grumpy than normal and aside from some brief moments coloring nicely together (which I made sure to capture :-), they were annoying each other all day. By the time Ella got home from school I wanted them away from me and sent them outside to play in the leaves. Everyone was great and happy and I got some super cute pictures that I'm excited to post.
It had been 24 hours since she'd had a bad fever, so Thursday I was more than happy to send her back to school again. Preston and I got things done at home and cooked some food to take to my friend's birthday lunch. We went and had fun playing and chatting and eating. I told everyone about Addie's weird fever and then when I checked my phone while there later on I had a voicemail from the nurse. Addie was back in her office with a fever!
I called to tell them I was on my way and we headed back to the school. When we got there the front desk lady called back to the nurse's office to send Addie out, she looked at me and said into the phone, "No, I'm looking at her mom." Weird. The nurse brought Addie out and told me she had talked to grandma and that she was on her way, which explained the earlier comment.
I immediately tried to call my mom, who doesn't live close to the school and I'm sure had a lot of other things going on, but she didn't answer. As soon as we walked out of the building, there was Nana pulling up. I felt bad she had driven all the way over, but was glad to know we have back-ups ready when we need them! At this point Preston started saying he was really tired and when I felt him, he was feeling warm. Great. And I totally had him playing with tons of kids...but they were outside the whole time, so I think that kept him from contaminating anyone else (as far as I know!). I called the doctor and made an appointment to bring Addie in. I figured if Preston was going to get it to, we better know what it was.
My mom came to visit for a bit and then we headed to the doctor. I checked in and paid $100. Super awesome! The nurse came in, asked me some questions and said they would test Addie for the flu. It was a new doctor I didn't particularly like but she came in and asked me the same questions as the nurse. (I forgot to mention earlier in this post that there was a weird cough Addie was doing...barking like...which made me nervous too.) The doctor also asked if she was overall healthy and I said yes. Then she looked at her chart and said, "Wow, she hasn't been in since her January well check!" I wanted to say, "Yes, because it costs us ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to come in!!!" She examined her a bit and said it was probably the flu but that it was too late for the tamiflu to help much. I asked if they could test Preston for it since he was starting the symptoms and then we could get him started on the medicine. She said she would have to check him in and I asked if it would be another $100 then told her not to worry about it. I mean, this is getting ridiculous! I thought Obama was all about free health care...the prices for everything medically related for us have only gone up over the last few years. I don't get it and it makes me really mad when I get started on it. Anyway, I did ask for some medicine for the cough so that our money wouldn't be completely wasted :-). We headed to the desk to check out and take as many "free" samples as we could sitting on the counter while the lady checked us out. Then she told me it would $35 for the flu test. Seriously?! They didn't even ask me if I wanted it so I assumed it was part of that great $100 fee.
So, it was a fun and expensive trip to the doctor that told us nothing really. Wait, two good things did come out of it...we got an excused absence note for Addie missing a whole week of school so the district won't be mad at us, and the flu test came back negative so at least I could feel good about not having Preston tested while we were there. Also, it made me feel better about the fact that I didn't get us flu shots this year. It killed me not to do it, but it also killed me that it would have been $140 for us all to get them. Live and learn...after spending $135 on one child at the doctor, next year we will get them even if I think they should be considered preventative health care.
Preston was tired and feverish all weekend, and not very warm Monday or Tuesday, but still tired. And he was still a HUGE grump Wednesday but I think he is finally better. Overall, it was a nice illness that just made them tired and calm. I had to switch teaching the preschool group though just to keep the other kids safe, which means more teaching in the spring, but the forced days at home have been good for getting things done.
So far we have been able to keep Ella's hoping it will continue! This fever is going around Katy like crazy!
The End
Preston's people...L-O-V-E
and since there aren't many pictures in this wordy post, here is Addie's official soccer pictures. I wish she was in focus...she smiled so cute!


Kayley said...

ugh - nightmare! Glad you're all healthy again now :)

the Holyoaks said...

Poor Addie and Preston, but mostly, poor mom! In my opinion, having sick kids in the worst. Truman's been sick most of this week too and it sounds exactly like what Addie had--random fevers that come and go and a cough that started out sounding like a bark. Luckily, the cough sounds more productive now. I didn't take him to the doctor because I knew she would just tell me it was a virus and that they couldn't do anything. It would have just been our $30 copay, but I still hate to waste $30 for nothing. I've never even heard of a flu test. I wonder if they do those up here?

I can't believe how expensive it is for you to go to the doctor! Insurance in Texas must be a lot different because our flu shots are covered 100% because our insurance deems them preventative care. I can't believe yours doesn't! Even if you didn't have insurance, up here Walgreen's, Costco, and pretty much every pharmacy does them for $20. Not cheap for a family of five, but better than $140.

I hope everyone is or will be feeling better soon. Good luck with everything!