Saturday, December 15, 2012

The BIG Meet

Last Saturday, the 8th, Ella went to her first big swim meet. Most of the meets we have done have been smaller ones consisting of all Katy Aquatics swimmers in the lower skill level groups. This one was the TTST Gulf 8 & Under Champs meet and there were TONS of swimmers there. There were 20 different club teams with over 400 swimmers and the meet lasted most of the day. I had signed Ella up for the 25 Freestyle and the 25 Breaststroke, her two favorites, and Coach Steph entered her in the 50 Free and the 50 Backstroke, plus she was in two relays (the 100 IM and the 100 Free).
Mike stayed home with Addie and Preston and Ella and I headed out early that morning. We had no idea what to expect! It ended up being a fun day for the most part. There were some amazing swimmers there and some crazy teeny kids...there was a little 5 year old that swam the 100 IM! Nana and Hope were able to drive out for part of the day and Ella and I hung out the rest of the time, being careful not to miss any of her races.
*They placed within their own age groups, so Ella's rankings are against all the 8 year old swimmers*
Overall she had some great swims. Here are the highlights...
the warm-ups were CRAZY and looked very dangerous 
(Katy had 2 lanes to use for their 60 swimmers)
25 yard Free ( Ella in bottom lane)
previous best: 22.6 // this race: 22.09 (22nd/47)

IM relay (3rd lane from top)
she was put in butterfly, which is the stroke she struggles with most, so she was NOT happy about it

downtime with Hopie
25 yard breaststroke (2nd from top)
previous best: 30.62 // this race: 30.46 (17th/42)

checking in with Coach Steph between races
50 yard freestyle (3rd from top)
This was SO sad. There was a false start and Ella had a great first entry and race. She and 3 other girls swam their hearts out for the whole 50 no matter what everyone did to try and stop them. They let that heat go to the end of the group and wait, but I still wonder what that first time was compared to this one. You see her hesitate when the buzzer goes off.
time: 53.22 (31st/42)

She also swam the 50 backstroke but messed up on her flip turn. Her time was 1:01.74 (26th/38).
and 100 free relay
It was another sad story. It was the last race of the day and we waited around for it. She was swimming the 4th leg, which she was thrilled about. The first girl swam breaststroke, which is MUCH slower than freestyle. We don't know why. So, the 2nd girl left already way behind the other swimmers. She touched the wall and Ella was at the opposite end waiting...and there was NO THIRD GIRL! So frustrating! So, we didn't even get to swim that one. Oh well. It was a bummer end to a mostly very positive day!
Way to go Ella Bella :-)!

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