Monday, January 14, 2013

American Girl Store Visit

Ella has been DYING to go to the American Girl store that opened at a mall near us this fall. We finally took a trip over on January 2nd, both girls with their dolls in tow. I wanted to pick up another set of hangers for their new closet and the girls had their money in case they saw a little something they wanted. When we walked in it was CRAZY in there though...the purchase line wrapped around the we decided to just browse and come back sometime when Christmas vacation was over.
 It was still so fun to see everything in person and see some of the other cool items they have for the dolls. It really is amazing all the little details they manage to get on every tiny little thing. I wanted to buy everything there :-)! I wish I still had my dolls, my girls would love to play with them!
After thoroughly inspecting every inch of the store, we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We have often seen girls with their dolls in these little highchairs when at this location and I had always assumed they had bought them at the American Girl store and brought them over (they do sell them for $30), but this time I over heard a mom telling a little girl to go turn her chair back in. I was so excited and took the girls up to the front to ask for our own chairs to use for the meal.
They LOVED it...and I'm pretty sure the Rebecca and Kit loved it too :).

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