Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to School

The next day was back to the grind and since I was teaching our preschool group all day Tuesday, we were really right back into it! The girls were excited to wear their new Christmas clothes, even if they weren't super excited to be headed back to school :-).
Tuesday, Jan 8th
I was having the kids 2 weeks in a row and we made the "About Me" books from the joy school curriculum. The girls both have one so I wanted to be sure Preston had one too. We did all our painting activities this first week and talked about how each of us is different but special...unique!
Wednesday, Jan 9th
Thursday, Jan 10th
Preston and I went to visit Kayley and take Oliver's 9 month photos.
Look what happens when I say no TV...they find other things to do...miraculous :-)!
Friday, Jan 11th
 I got up early and went to the gym (I'm finally getting back in a groove with that too!) and then got showered and cute for the girls since I was going to be helping them both that morning at school (and they prefer me to come looking nice :-). The kids were all ready and we got in the car to head to the school early.
The plan was to read in Addie's class while Preston played outside with some buddies that we take turns watching kids with, then run him over to Emily's for a playdate, and drive quickly back to the school to help with Ella's science lab. I was so proud that we were ready with time to spare!
Everyone got in the Expedition and I backed out of the garage, I stopped on the driveway to lock the door and accidentally put the car in park instead of neutral. The problem with this is that something broke in it a couple months ago and when we put it in park the car would lock up and not allow us to release the gear into reverse or drive. It happened a couple times and after a few mintues I could get it out of park and go on my way. One day Preston and I did get stuck in the HEB parking lot for an hour before we could get it out so we had figured out we could just put it in neautral with the emergency break on and everything was fine. That was working so well we still had not gotten it fixed.
I was so in the habit of putting it in neautral instead of park that I still cannot figure out why I did it this time, but there we were stuck in the driveway. I kept trying to release it over and over again with no luck. It is the absolute most frustrating thing to have your car on, sounding fine, but not going anywhere no matter what you do. After 30 minutes I was crying tears of frustration and the kids were getting crazy so I brought them inside. I called my mom to see if she could come over so I could use her car to get the girls to school late, since we now knew the rest of the plan was out the window. I was so mad that I had gotten all ready for nothing and disappointed that I wouldn't be able to spend time with the girls at school.
Thankfully my mom came to my rescue and Emily still came to get Preston for me! I sent Mike some texts during all this telling him if he didn't make an appointment to get it fixed THAT DAY, then I would and I didn't care how much it cost :-). I hated the car in that moment!!!
When he got home from work that afternoon he looked up some stuff online, watched some youtube videos and fixed it himself with a $40 part. So in the end it worked out and was probably for the best because we would have continued putting off actually fixing it until something like this made it a necessity. Not to mention it was lucky that when the car finally got stuck, it was on our driveway and not in some parking lot far from home.

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