Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full House

Time go get caught up on this blog now that I have finished teaching joy school for the last two weeks and my photo shoots are nearly current.
On the last day before the kids headed back to school after Christmas break, Monday the 7th, they each invited some friends over. Ella invited two friends from school, Peyton and Shea, Addie invited Brooklynn and Ellie and Preston had his BFF Ian (well his other BFF than Addie, they have been calling each other that lately and it is pretty sweet).
The big girls were busy doing their own thing most of the day. They did play Life about 4 times, maybe more, while wearing dress-up clothes though.
Preston and Ian ran around being crazy as boys always do :-).
And Addie and her friends were creating the entire time. First crafty things and then we finally tried out Addie's new cake pop maker from Nana and Grandad. The cake balls themselves turned out perfectly and the little maker was pretty cool. Then came the decorating though and we were not nearly as good at that. It was messy but they tasted delicious and the girls had a lot of fun with it! Oh and towards the end of the day Brooklynn lost her very first tooth at our house!!! We were all pretty excited :-).
The next day I finally got around to taking down our Christmas card wall and it was so sad. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season and the wall always seems so empty once we take them down.
brooklynn 1
brooklynn 2

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apewinterton said...

I can't believe how big all of those kids are getting!