Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Another Day of Joy School

It was again a cold, rainy day when I hosted joy school last week. I'm always a little sad when that happens on any day, but especially when I have 6 four-year olds who can't go outside to get some wiggles out :-). The kids really do get a long great though and had another fun day with each other. We finished up their books and talked a bit more about the things that make us different and special. They each got to show off their books at the end of the day and really loved being the center of attention and talking about themselves to their friends :-).
Sometimes it's rough being the third child. I just realized that Preston hasn't learned to write his name yet and the girls definitely did by now. So we worked on it for a bit that afternoon and he loved it (although he still has some work to do :-).

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