Monday, January 28, 2013

Mardi Gras Meet at LSU!!!

When we arrived at LSU's natatorium it was between sessions so it was really empty and gave us a chance to check it out. It was such a pretty pool compared to anywhere we have been and Ella was SO excited! (oh, and seeing the times instantly on the scoreboard was pretty cool too!) We claimed our seats and got settled in for a long afternoon at the pool. Preston and Addie did awesome, mostly thanks to the iPad, and we all had a good time. Ella was so excited to tell Coach Steph, who wasn't at the meet, what a great job she did and that "it was the best meet ever!"
parade around the pool

Let the races begin!!!
First up was freestyle and after a rough dive in, it was the first time all indoor season that Ella didn't improve over her best time. Luckily, the rest of the meet she killed them!
25 Yard Freestyle
previous best: 22.09
this race: 23.45 (23rd/29)
lane 3, third from top

25 Yard Breaststroke
previous best: 30.46
this race: 27.38 (6th/12)
*this was her first time earning points for Katy Aquatics and getting a ribbon!*
Breaststroke is her definite favorite and a lady sitting near us who was really nice went on and on about what beautiful technique she has on it. She told Ella that once she picks up her tempo she will be unstoppable and Ella was so happy :-).
lane 7, second from bottom

25 Yard Backstroke
previous best: 30.22
this race: 25.50 (18th/25)
 but 1st in her heat (also a first during indoor season!)
lane 3, 2nd from top

The last race Ella was in was the 100 Yard Relay. I wish I would have video-ed it because Ella did awesome! I was more concerned with timing it because we wanted to be sure she did better than her first go at freestyle. I timed her at 19.9! Relays are always a little faster because the entry is different but still, I'm pretty sure she would have beaten her previous best time! The team came in a close second and Ella LOVED being part of a good relay team. It was a fun way to end her day of swimming.
Then Mike got to take a turn timing, which ended up being two since no one showed up for the last shift.
By the time we left the natatorium, hooked the car back up to the RV and got some dinner it was after 8pm. I got the kids in their jammies and we made up all the beds. They fell asleep quickly and I sat up front with Mike for awhile. Around 10:30pm I went to the back to go to sleep but not long after I woke up to Mike pulling over to the side of the freeway and lots of smoke coming from the front of the RV. When it was clear the RV would not be starting again we called AAA to get towed. It took them FOREVER to find someone big enough to tow us and also that could get us all the way to Katy, TX. They kept saying, they would call in 30 minutes, they would be here in 30 minutes. etc. so we kept waiting for them. Well, it was after 3am the tow guy finally arrived and began the process of hooking everything up. The kids had been sleeping through the entire incident and we moved them to the Hyundai to finish the drive home. We ended up home around 6am and then Mike went back to meet the tow guy and show him where we park it. What an adventure! The kids were ready to go for the day and Mike and I were ready to they watched TV and we went to bed :-). The good news is that the RV is currently being fixed and it wasn't as bad as it could have been (new transmission needed).
At Ella's next practice she received her ribbons...super exciting :-)!!! She was also thrilled to tell me that Coach Steph was SO proud of her beating her times by so much. We love our little swimmer girl :-)!

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Chrissy said...

I loved reading this post! I am so excited your kids are old enough for all these fun sporting events now!!! I can't wait till mine are :-)