Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last weekend (12th/13th) was our first week back to church in our own ward since the new year and the girls were excited to see who their new teachers would be and which friends they would have in their classes for the year. And guess who is officially in primary now?! Preston! I can't believe that he is old enough to go to sharing time and to an actual class. He looked so little when I left him sitting on a chair in the front row, but he did awesome and was sitting there quietly by himself when I left. I stayed in the back for a minute to be sure he was good (so many kids in his class were crying) and saw Addie yell across the room waving, "Hi, Preston!!!" So cute :-). Hopefully they weren't disruptive once it started!
The night before Ella had gone to the 3rd grade party at a trampoline place. Each grade has a party as one of the auction items in the fall and kids can buy their spot to go, with the money going to the school. This year we got to help host it with some of the other families of her friends and she was so excited to go. I was there for the beginning part of it and watched her having fun and being completely silly with her buddies before heading out early to go see the Green Smoothie Girl.
I borrowed the book last spring and got started on green smoothies then but haven't been very adventurous in expanding the types of greens, etc. that I put in them (I have stuck with kale and spinach and did start adding chia seeds with the mixed fruit). I left that night feeling totally inspired to embrace it all more completely and really try to implement even more fresh veggies and fruits into our diets. If she ever comes to your area, I highly suggest going! And really even if all you do is a simple smoothie with some spinach thrown in (they taste SOOO good!), that is still so many more greens than you were getting in your diet than before. Although I think some of her claims are a little outrageous, for the most part I agree with the things she says. I mean, really, eating more whole fruits and vegetables can only be good for you and greens are the most nutrient dense of them all.

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