Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Phone Pics Replay

I have been busy with photo shoots, rescheduling photo shoots due to the weather, preparing clothes for the Tot 2 Tot consignment sale and being a mom somewhere in between it all. I have not cooked dinner in nearly a week and the house is a disaster. I took not a single picture last week but I did squeeze in a few with my cell phone, so here is a recap of our happenings thanks to my phone.
One morning I snapped a picture of the kids. This is our week day morning routine...the kids get up around 6:30am and come in our room where I put on PBS (Martha Speaks is on at that time). When the show ends at 7am we head downstairs for breakfast and to make lunches before coming back up to brush teeth, get dressed and do hair.
I know Ella doesn't love piano but she rarely complains when I tell her to practice and I love to hear her, especially now that she is getting so much better.
Saturday I had a shoot in the morning, but my afternoon one had to reschedule so I was looking forward to a relaxing day off. Mike headed out for a carpet job and the kids and I headed over to my parents house where my Aunt Barbara (my dad's sister) was in town visiting her daughter (my cousin) Elise and her family. Elise is doing her residency in Houston to become a plastic surgeon, pretty cool! The kids and ate lunch over there and enjoyed catching up with her. It would have been smart of me to take a picture of our kids playing together or my dad and his sister...but I didn't think about it.
Then we stopped by my grandparents for a visit. Preston thinks greatFrog's "I'm taking my thumb off" trick is pretty amazing and talks about it for days after he sees it :-).
We were heading home when we noticed some cool things going on at a new ER that opened up near our house. I actually have been mad at this ER. There is another one right around the corner so it is unnecessary (how about a fun restaurant or something?!) and then they painted the building this stark white color that stands out and is so ugly, but I couldn't resist some fun for the kids.
There was a monster truck we went inside and the kids got their pictures taken in front of the green screen, they laughed at the poor dog mascot when he was sad that they wouldn't take a pictures with him, and then we went in a real ambulance before heading back home again.
The most exciting thing that has happened lately is that we FINALLY got the white shelves I have been wanting FOREVER. I have done some more decorating of them since, but we still need to get the right sized doors for the two end units before I can really finish. I get happy every time I walk in the room and look at them though. I need to take another picture now that they are looking even cuter!
shelves 1
shelves 2
shelves 3
Ok, time to get busy catching up on my editing now :-)!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Day After

The day after Valentine's Day was a good day for Preston! He got to go play with Jordy while I had a photo shoot and then go play at Ian's after! In between those two fun things, we stopped to get my eyebrows done. While waiting he noticed a gumball machine and asked if he could have one. I told him if he sat nicely while we were there I would get him one. When it was time to go though, the lady gave him a quarter herself so I didn't even have to...he was so excited! (and ready to spit it out about 3 minutes later :-). When the girls got home we used the little cookie decorating kit Nana brought by on Valentine's day to create even more treats. And I think these pictures (all taken with my phone) are the last pictures I have taken since then. I have been trying to catch up on client pictures and when I am feeling overwhelmed with that I stop taking pictures of our life happenings. I need to not do that though!
oh, and I saw this car on fire on the way to my shoot...crazy
The wallet Addie created for herself:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Spectacular

I am still trying to figure out how to manage my time wisely to be able to get all the things done that I would like to. I'm just not really quite sure it can be done though!
Valentine's Day was a rare day when we had nowhere that we HAD to be (the one bonus of no holiday parties at school I guess), so Preston and I went nowhere! We got the girls cute and off to school with their Valentines to pass out (Addie came back with hers still in her backpack...she said she couldn't find them when it was time, silly girl) and then we sat around in our jammies. The morning was cold but it was supposed to be a beautiful day as the sun warmed it up, so I used that as my excuse for our laziness...we were just waiting for it to get warm enough to jog outside :-)! We ran to a playground, played a bit and then ran home, headed to the store for last minute items for the Valentine dinner and picked the girls up from school. Unfortunately, it fell on a Thursday, which is Ella's busy day. She had piano and choir, I took a quick picture of each kiddo outside and then we finally ate dinner. The kids really look forward to our holiday dinners and love coming in to see the table all pretty. They especially love drinking a special drink from the fancy glasses! This time we had a pomegranate Italian soda that was so yummy. We tried a new recipe for dinner, Garlic-Cilantro Shrimp, and for dessert had the cookie cake I bought from our YW's camp fundraiser with chocolate-covered strawberry ice cream (heaven!). I love going around the table and saying something we love about each person and although it can be hard for the kids to get started, once they get the groove they come up with really cute things. And of course opening presents is always fun too! Valentine's Day may be different than it used to be for me, but I think it's always great to take the time to celebrate the people we love most in our lives!
We are ready for summer around here! All the kids' pants are getting waaay too short :-).
Just Preston talking...

garlic cilantro shrimp

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guess Who's Been Published?!

Miss Adeline has been busy writing her little books about cats for awhile now and really wanted to make a REAL book. At Christmas time while browsing a toy catalog that had come in the mail I saw a little kit that you could buy to do just that. I ordered it, we carefully wrote out the story and she colored cute pictures to go along with and then we mailed it off to be turned into a book. It finally came right before Valentine's day and Addie was SO excited!!! I think I may have been just as excited as her :-). She took it to school the next day and was so excited when her teacher let her read it to the class...and that the kids liked it so much that they wanted her to read it again. I have a feeling we may be printing more in the future!
(and if you are interested, here is a link to it: http://www.cptoy.com/illustory-make-a-book-kit)
This is one of my favorite parts...I love that his bad thought is scribbles and crazy and the good thought is a nice clear picture.
I kept forgetting to make a video of her reading it to me, but we got one really quickly this morning. Preston was banging on doors and running around crazy though.