Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ella's 3rd Grade Musical: Go Fish

Last Thursday, the 7th, was Ella's 3rd grade musical at school. I knew it was called Go Fish, which didn't sound too exciting, but I must say my mom, grandma and I were all super impressed when we went to one of the day time showings! They only practiced during music class and it was sooo cute! Now, if Katy ISD would just get rid of their stupid rule about no pictures during school hours, I would have had tons of great pictures of the show. I did manage to sneak in a couple with my huge camera and a video with my phone, which I was very proud of myself for :-). At the evening performance there were probably about 100 of us parents without seats (hmmm, maybe because none of them wanted to waste their time at the daytime shows when they knew they couldn't document anything). It ended up working out, I stood in the very back of the room which overall gave a good view of the show for pictures. They split all the 3rd grade classes into groups of 2 and they each were featured in a song. Ella loved her song the very best and it was super cute! When I went to read at Addie's class the next day, Mrs Torres, who was also one of Ella's kindergarten teachers (and we love!) told me how impressed she was by Ella's dancing and singing. She was so quiet in kindergarten she said she couldn't believe that was her up there :-). Way to go Ella Bella!


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JeanneJ said...

Abi's 2nd grade class put on "Go Fish" last year and it is a cute musical! I'm glad that Ella enjoyed herself and that you got some photos.