Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guess Who's Been Published?!

Miss Adeline has been busy writing her little books about cats for awhile now and really wanted to make a REAL book. At Christmas time while browsing a toy catalog that had come in the mail I saw a little kit that you could buy to do just that. I ordered it, we carefully wrote out the story and she colored cute pictures to go along with and then we mailed it off to be turned into a book. It finally came right before Valentine's day and Addie was SO excited!!! I think I may have been just as excited as her :-). She took it to school the next day and was so excited when her teacher let her read it to the class...and that the kids liked it so much that they wanted her to read it again. I have a feeling we may be printing more in the future!
(and if you are interested, here is a link to it: http://www.cptoy.com/illustory-make-a-book-kit)
This is one of my favorite parts...I love that his bad thought is scribbles and crazy and the good thought is a nice clear picture.
I kept forgetting to make a video of her reading it to me, but we got one really quickly this morning. Preston was banging on doors and running around crazy though.

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Kim said...

That is sooooo cool.