Monday, February 11, 2013

Highlights of the Week..and more Creations

Monday, the 4th, Addie got to go into school late because she had her 6-year check up that morning. It was a good thing, because look who showed up in the back yard...Lovee. He has been coming around more often and after being pretty skiddish for awhile is letting us pet him again. Beauty does not appreciate Lovee hanging out in HER back yard though. She actually managed to get into the back yard the other day while Lovee was there I was so scared they would fight and Beauty would get hurt, but she chased Lovee right out of the yard. Who knew she had it in her? :-)
Tuesday Addie celebrated the 100th day of school and was so excited when I wanted to take a picture as we walked back from school :-). We also finally decorated the house for Valentine's day...there is just no time to do anything anymore!
Wednesday Ella went to Activity Days at the church, her VERY favorite thing to do after school, and I took Addie to her swim lessons. She is hilarious to watch but actually does really well when she listens :-). I have made sure to get her in at a time when it isn't as crowded so that she has a better coach:child ratio and this week she actually had 2 of them all to herself!
*Thursday was Ella's 3rd grade musical...more on that later.*
And Friday Addie came with Ella and I to swimming so we could stop at ToysRUs on the way. We stayed after school and played on the play ground for a loooong time (the weather was PERFECT) and a little girl there showed Addie a cute little kitten she had gotten at there the day before. It just so happens that Addie is pretty rich after her birthday and we lucked out and bought the LAST one. She is in love with the new kitten and has named her Sophiea (spelled like that).
And here are some more recent creations from all of the kids...
by Ella
card 1
card 2
card 3
by Addie
picture 1
an airplane with a cat buckled in :-)
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4
picture 5
a wallet for Preston
wallet 1
wallet 2
wallet 3
wallet 4
wallet 5
wallet 6
by Preston
picture 6

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That picture of the firetruck is sooooo awesome!