Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Phone Pics Replay

I have been busy with photo shoots, rescheduling photo shoots due to the weather, preparing clothes for the Tot 2 Tot consignment sale and being a mom somewhere in between it all. I have not cooked dinner in nearly a week and the house is a disaster. I took not a single picture last week but I did squeeze in a few with my cell phone, so here is a recap of our happenings thanks to my phone.
One morning I snapped a picture of the kids. This is our week day morning routine...the kids get up around 6:30am and come in our room where I put on PBS (Martha Speaks is on at that time). When the show ends at 7am we head downstairs for breakfast and to make lunches before coming back up to brush teeth, get dressed and do hair.
I know Ella doesn't love piano but she rarely complains when I tell her to practice and I love to hear her, especially now that she is getting so much better.
Saturday I had a shoot in the morning, but my afternoon one had to reschedule so I was looking forward to a relaxing day off. Mike headed out for a carpet job and the kids and I headed over to my parents house where my Aunt Barbara (my dad's sister) was in town visiting her daughter (my cousin) Elise and her family. Elise is doing her residency in Houston to become a plastic surgeon, pretty cool! The kids and ate lunch over there and enjoyed catching up with her. It would have been smart of me to take a picture of our kids playing together or my dad and his sister...but I didn't think about it.
Then we stopped by my grandparents for a visit. Preston thinks greatFrog's "I'm taking my thumb off" trick is pretty amazing and talks about it for days after he sees it :-).
We were heading home when we noticed some cool things going on at a new ER that opened up near our house. I actually have been mad at this ER. There is another one right around the corner so it is unnecessary (how about a fun restaurant or something?!) and then they painted the building this stark white color that stands out and is so ugly, but I couldn't resist some fun for the kids.
There was a monster truck we went inside and the kids got their pictures taken in front of the green screen, they laughed at the poor dog mascot when he was sad that they wouldn't take a pictures with him, and then we went in a real ambulance before heading back home again.
The most exciting thing that has happened lately is that we FINALLY got the white shelves I have been wanting FOREVER. I have done some more decorating of them since, but we still need to get the right sized doors for the two end units before I can really finish. I get happy every time I walk in the room and look at them though. I need to take another picture now that they are looking even cuter!
shelves 1
shelves 2
shelves 3
Ok, time to get busy catching up on my editing now :-)!


Kim said...

I love your shelves and your whole room. Well done!

Kim said...

Oh, and seriously, those ER places are EVERYWHERE here in Texas. There must be a kajillion per square mile.