Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Spectacular

I am still trying to figure out how to manage my time wisely to be able to get all the things done that I would like to. I'm just not really quite sure it can be done though!
Valentine's Day was a rare day when we had nowhere that we HAD to be (the one bonus of no holiday parties at school I guess), so Preston and I went nowhere! We got the girls cute and off to school with their Valentines to pass out (Addie came back with hers still in her backpack...she said she couldn't find them when it was time, silly girl) and then we sat around in our jammies. The morning was cold but it was supposed to be a beautiful day as the sun warmed it up, so I used that as my excuse for our laziness...we were just waiting for it to get warm enough to jog outside :-)! We ran to a playground, played a bit and then ran home, headed to the store for last minute items for the Valentine dinner and picked the girls up from school. Unfortunately, it fell on a Thursday, which is Ella's busy day. She had piano and choir, I took a quick picture of each kiddo outside and then we finally ate dinner. The kids really look forward to our holiday dinners and love coming in to see the table all pretty. They especially love drinking a special drink from the fancy glasses! This time we had a pomegranate Italian soda that was so yummy. We tried a new recipe for dinner, Garlic-Cilantro Shrimp, and for dessert had the cookie cake I bought from our YW's camp fundraiser with chocolate-covered strawberry ice cream (heaven!). I love going around the table and saying something we love about each person and although it can be hard for the kids to get started, once they get the groove they come up with really cute things. And of course opening presents is always fun too! Valentine's Day may be different than it used to be for me, but I think it's always great to take the time to celebrate the people we love most in our lives!
We are ready for summer around here! All the kids' pants are getting waaay too short :-).
Just Preston talking...

garlic cilantro shrimp

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Kim said...

Because of you, I actually decorated for a holiday other than Christmas and planned a fun Valentine's dinner for my family too! It's nothing compared to your cuteness and creativity, but it was something which is more than I normally do.