Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Life

We are all eagerly anticipating Spring Break next week. We talked about making a little road trip back to FL, but in the end decided it was time for some girls' room re-dos, some eating out, some relaxing and some March Madness watching instead. As we wait for the fun to begin we have been busy with and work, swimming, playing, trying to keep up with what the weather will be like and the other things that come our way. Here are some pictures from last week of what we have been up to...
After spring break Ella will be practicing back at the high school closest to us, which is awesome. She will have a different coach though, which we are both really sad about (we love coach Steph!). The good news is one of her besties from church will be joining her team and she is THRILLED about that!
These next pics are just a little snapshot of all the kids were up to one day after school.
Ella has been a bit forgetful lately and after forgetting her special snorkel at swimming practice it never showed up again. When we went to buy a new one we were reminded that it cost $32!!! So, she has been doing lots of little jobs around the house to work off that cost. She is actually a lot better at folding laundry than I thought she would be :-).
Addie and Cookie enjoying a warm evening outside. (she requested the close-up)
And little Prest inside playing games.
(I have a little list of some funny things he says to put in his journal but one of the most funny ones is that he calls the hood on his sweatshirts and coats a helmet. It cracks me up!)
Friday morning I woke up and decided I was boycotting the kitchen. No breakfast, no lunch and no dinner. The girls bought lunch, much to their dismay, and we tried out one of my favorite restaurant's new breakfast menu. It made us late for school, but what can you do :-)?
I love that when Addie is 100 she will "stay in the house" :-). Smart girl!
It is hilarious to see Addie's little competitive spirit come out. She has been doing a lot better at her little weekly swim lessons when it comes to listening and it definitely helps that she has had one or even two coaches all to herself. Last week was the first time there was another little boy in the group with her and she suddenly became a swimming machine. She would constantly look to be sure she was in front of him and then proclaim "I won!" when she reached the edge of the pool. That poor kid :-), he was probably thinking "chill out girl, it's not a race!"
Mike was at his high school's basketball playoff game (which they won in double overtime) so I had all the kids with me. I was once again VERY thankful for the iPad! Bush HS lost their next game on Saturday to rival Travis so they won't be in Austin this weekend at the finals :(. Their odds are looking good for next year though!
And cute Ad with her goggle marks after practice. She insists she needs them even tighter but I'm afraid it would be dangerous to tighten them anymore :-).

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Cheryl Joy said...

I'm glad you aren't going to FL since we wouldn't be there to see you! Room re-dos are always fun too! :)