Friday, March 15, 2013

Last Swim Meet with Steph

During this whole school year Ella has been swimming with Coach Steph. Ella LOVES her so much and I love her too. She is the perfect balance of fun, teaching, strictness and loving support. When we get started back up again after spring break though, all the schedules are changing and we won't be with her anymore. Ella is so sad about it, and we will really miss her (helping her not be quite is sad is the fact one of her buddies from church will now be in her practice group). Ella had a small swim meet last weekend, her last one with Steph as her coach, and Grammy was able to come and cheer her on. Plus, she treated us to ice cream after!
Ella's least favorite stroke is butterfly, so she was not excited to swim a FIFTY butterfly, but she did great!

50 butterfly: 58.14 (7th/16)
Her first flip turn was great and then you could tell she was tired!

100 free: 1:54.57 (7th/16...previous best: 1:57.64)
She was crying after this race because she didn't feel like she did well (and I think also because she was sad about Steph). But she hung out with Steph for awhile and she gave her one of her bracelets which Ella has worn often since then :-).

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