Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adeline's Artist Bedroom

Miss Addie's room is ALL done! (except for the new flowers I ordered for the vases here) I had a very distinct vision in my head of what I wanted her to room be like and am so happy with how it all came out. And she LOOOOVES it, which is what it was really all about :-). She has lots of work space for all her little crafty projects and spends all her free time up there. Hooray!
(and in case you are curious, the shelving,desk and reading knook canopy are from Ikea, the rug and a lot of the accents (including pennant banners) are from Land of Nod, the bed spread is from Anthropolgie, the headboard was an awesome find from Nana, the butterflies and one other print are from Brickyard Buffalo deals and other odds and ends from Target and Home Goods)


Katie Bradley said...

Holy Heck, that is spectacular! I've been dying to get bedding from Anthro. And I just subscribed to Backyard Buffalo, because, sheesh, good stuff! Nice job, Marci!

Marci said...

Katie, keep an eye on Ebay! I found this one new on there for quite a bit cheaper!

Laurie said...

So fun and colorful! I love the bedspread, headboard, and reading knook!!

Diane said...

Love, love, love. It makes my heart happy for Adeline to have this beautiful creative space to call her own....and a sweet momma who recognizes that :)

Kayley said...

So, so, so cute!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Wow! You did such an amazing job!!

Stephanie said...

Looks great! Did you change the old room for Ella?

Marci said...

We did, but it's still a work in progress...I used all my money on Addie's, so Ella's room will slowly come along :-). We painted and updated the bedding and we are getting the dresser next week, so stay tuned!