Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daddy Dates (and Ella's poster)

Last week Mike took each kiddo on their own little date.
Addie chose to go to Chuck E Cheese on Monday, and Tuesday was Preston's turn. When I asked him during the day what he wanted to do with Dad on his date he told me he wanted to go to the car wash and get chips (I had let him pick a bag when we went the day before). After trying to figure out if it was really the car wash or just the chips that he was most wanting, I figured out it was the chips. So, in the end he went and picked some treats at the store ("THREE treats!!!" as he excitedly showed me when they got home) and went to the park. Then Wednesday was finally Ella's turn and she decided Addie's date sounded really fun and went to Chuck E Cheese too.
They are lucky kiddos to have a dad willing to spend all his free time after work for three days straight to go spend some special time with them.
Ella's birthday is right before the school cut off, so being the youngest in her class meant she was the very last Star of the Week for the school year. We had fun picking out pictures that showed some of her favorite things and she was really excited to show it to her classmates on Monday.
(and we are lucky I take so many pictures all the time since she told me Sunday afternoon she was supposed to have the poster the next day :-)!)

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Katie Bradley said...

What a good thing to do. I'm glad you post about them to remind us to do it too!