Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Highs and Lows

Just working on editing a photo shoot tonight and came across these pictures I took of Preston while there was an outfit change going on. Occasionally he ends up on a shoot with me and with the iPad in tow, does a great job of staying out of the way. Preston has been driving me completely nuts lately, but then I see these pictures of that cute face and am reminded what a sweetie he is.
How could such a cutie be driving me crazy you may wonder? He argues with EVERY thing I say...for example, he asked me the color of something yesterday and then when I told him orange he said, "No, it's red!" He talks constantly. Sometimes I love this and sometimes I just need to think for 2 minutes in silence. He purposely teases his sisters and whines that things are "boring" if it isn't what he wants to do. Of course, he also does super sweet things, like stopping wherever we are if he sees a flower to pick it for me. He asks his sisters if he is their friend quite often, which I think is adorable. Today while we were driving somewhere he told me that doesn't like dreams because they are scary. I told him sometimes they are nice though but he told me he ONLY has scary ones. When I asked what happened in his scary dreams he told me that he gets eaten by things...scary Halloween pumpkins and ghosts to be exact. Poor Prest. Other things to remember about Preston at this age...He prefers being naked and won't wear underwear at bedtime (although luckily, he obliges my request during the day), he went through a weird attached phase where he didn't want me to leave him anywhere, but luckily it only last a few weeks and he is not having any issues now, and he has been having a better attitude about drinking his green smoothies in the morning. Preston recently started requesting milk to drink, which is strange for this family of non-milk drinkers and he doesn't like to dip his veggies in ranch, which is awesome really, it is still so bizarre to me. I can't believe my little baby is almost 4 years old. I sure love him and his big beautiful eyes and his silly personality and his little dimples.

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