Monday, April 1, 2013

Just a Few

A couple recent things:
Ella picked her birthday book for the library at school.
She loves mysteries and recently told me she wants to be an author when she grows up. She is still swimming and doing choir and piano. This morning she just sat down and played some of her old songs for fun on the piano and I'm hoping that is a sign she is enjoying it a little bit more. She is pretty good about not complaining about it but it's tough to compete with swimming :-). We deal with a bit of girl drama here and there (mostly due to one particular girl) but she has a good friend she can trust in class and overall has had a great year. She is currently doing chess club during lunch and it lasts a few more weeks I think. In some ways Ella is super grown up and mature and definitely helps me out a lot and then sometimes she does something like push Preston for bugging her (he does know how to push people's buttons) and I remember she is still just an 8 year old kid. I think she has been a little more silly and hyper lately, but who knows :-). We have been reading Nancy Drew books together at bedtime and it has been a lot of fun since neither of us has read them before. I am so happy that she loves to read so much!
Addie getting crafty as usual, this time creating the cat toy in this Bad Kitty book.
This girl LOVES her new room! While Ella and Preston want to watch TV in their downtime, I almost always find Addie in her room making things. Recent creations include teeny tiny alphabet books where we are supposed to draw our own pictures of things that start with that letter (but she put examples in the back for us), cat costumes made of paper, school books for Preston (that only she can help him with), 3-D cats made of paper complete with leash, owls made of pipe cleaners, elaborate bookmarks, etc. She is gaining confidence in her reading and finally will read to me. I have been shocked at how good she is since she wouldn't let me hear her for so long. Bad Kitty is her latest favorite series and the Easter Bunny brought some new books today. Addie is doing SO much better behaviorally that I forget sometimes what we were dealing with before. Every once in awhile she will have a freak out or start to get a little crazy at swim practice, but overall she has matured and improved so much in a year. I love to see her and Ella relating to each other about school stuff and having real conversations.
Preston is just being Preston. Here is a pic from Joy School last week.
This little man is going through a rough stage. He is very whiny and easily upset and also pretty clingy but then he has bouts of doing the sweetest things that somehow make up for the long days. He definitely knows what to do to get under the girls' skin but he also knows how to make us all laugh too. Preston says the most random things and you can just see his little face light up when he realizes that he genuinely made you laugh. I have a list written down of cute things he has said, but the one I remember off the top of my head was the other morning when he came into the kitchen. It was still early and I was getting smoothies ready when he walked in and told me, "I stretched all ready Mom. Up in my room." :-)

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