Monday, April 8, 2013

New Entry Decor and Easter Prep

After updating our family room and beginning the transformation of the girls' rooms, our entry way was driving me nuts. Every time I walked by I wanted to change it (and I walk by it A LOT), I had seen this little table in a Target ad a couple weeks before and decided that is what we needed. Of course, it was no longer on sale, but what can you do?! I did find a deal on the mirror at Home Goods. We are going to slowly conquer this house one room at a time and after living here for 6 years, it sure feels good to change it up!
Leading up to Easter Sunday, we were able to squeeze in quite a bit...Mike and I went on our date on Thursday night, then Friday there were 2 photo shoots, Ella had swim practice, I took the girls to see the Croods and we all went out to dinner. Saturday we did Oliver's one year photos and then had some downtime at home. Nana stopped by with Easter treats, we organized the girls' closet and relaxed a bit. I went to see The Host with some girlfriends and when I got home we hurried to color our Easter eggs. Preston wasn't interested this year so he got started in the bath early while the girls and I used the last bit of daylight for decorating.
I brightened these a is one with the flash instead...


Diane Freeman said...

Love those kiddos, give them a Meema hug. Their "egg tree" is so cute! Come to think of it, it would look great sitting on your awesome new entry table, under your amazing new mirror. I am loving all of the changes to your home.

the Holyoaks said...

I love your new entryway (and the shelves--I don't think I commented on that one but I think they are beautiful). I am dying to completely re-do our living room and I want to use turquoise. It's so pretty and bright. You have a great eye! I wish you could come do my house!