Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday Cuties and Finished Shelves

I am working hard, and trying to take advantage of scheduling in a little break from so many photo shoots, to get caught up on our family pictures. I need to be better about taking pictures of more of our hanging out at home day to day activities though. This is the Sunday before Easter (24th) looking cute and springy for church.
And although I still need to pick what pictures go in the frames, my shelves are pretty much done. I need more globes for my collection, but I LOOOVE them :-)!


Nicole said...

marci, did you guys build the shelves?! they look awesome!

Marci said...

Thanks :-! They are from Ikea, so Mike pretty much built them :-). We bought 4 and they come with a little thing to hook them together. We put doors on the outer 2 and left the middle 2 shelves all the way down.

Liz L said...

Looks great! (And I love the color on your walls - we are thinking of doing something similar this summer.)

Laurie said...

Looks great, the kids and the shelves!

Brittany said...

This might be the 2nd post, but they look amazing. You're quite the designer! I love the lip across the top of the shelves and the globes too.