Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Saturday

This past Saturday (the 13th) was a busy one for us, well mostly for me and Ella. We did get to enjoy a relaxing morning at home and then Ella and I were off to her swimathon. It was a fundraiser her club was doing where the swimmers had 2 hours to swim 200 laps. Ella's team was swimming from 11:30-1:30 and although I put some sunscreen on her before it started, I had fully expected her to take some breaks in there where I could reapply. Well, Ella didn't get close to the 200 laps (which some parents were taking a bit seriously if you ask's a fundraiser for crying out loud!), but she swam the ENTIRE 2 hours! That is insane! The kids stopped for drinks at the end of the lanes periodically but I was so impressed that they all kept right on going! Poor Ella got pretty burned on her back and the back of her legs but I was so proud of how hard she worked!
We stopped to get Ella some lunch, came home for a quick shower and then it was off to see the choir perform at an outdoor mall's festival. While I had at least thought to put sunscreen on for the swimathon, it didn't even cross my mind for this and Ella and I got nice pink arms as a result. Mike went and stood in the shade with the other kiddos. The sound wasn't great at the event, but Ella looked like she had more fun at this show than previous ones. Her group (the youngest group) went first and she was excited to watch the other groups and hear their songs.

I had a photo shoot that night and then Mike and I got to out on a date and relax :-)!

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