Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fielder Follies 2013 and a crazy Friday

Each spring at the elementary school they have a little talent show in their music classes called "Fielder Follies". I love that it is done on a small scale so that the kids aren't so intimidated and anyone that wants to perform has the chance. I only wish the school didn't have such weird rules about using cameras during the performances...SO annoying! Once all the performances are over we are taken to a separate for this awesome photo op though :-)!
Both the girls participated this year and did such a great job.
Ella played one of her recital songs on the piano and since it was in the back of the room it was impossible for me to secretly record it, but her recital is this week so we will get video at that.
Addie recited a little poem she wrote about cats and it was adorable. I was able to record her without anyone noticing but since I wasn't looking through the camera it is a little blurry. I'm still SO happy I have would be so sad to not have record of it!

The next day was Friday (the 10th) and rain was in the forecast all day long. That morning I took Preston to his friend Adam's house and went and read to Addie's class and then stayed to help with Ella's science lab. When I left the school it was 10:30 and as I walked to the car I remember thinking I was glad it wasn't pouring yet even though it was raining. Then I went to pull out of the school parking lot to pick up Preston and Adam so his mom could help at the school. The street in front of the school was completely flooded. It was up over the curb and covering the sidewalk and cars parked along the road had almost all of their tires covered with water. So, I freaked out! I drove slowly and got as close to Adam's house as I thought was safe to go. We see cars on the news during these storms all the time that are stuck and I always think what idiots these people are to try to drive through the deep water...and I did NOT want to be one of those idiots :-). I took off my shoes and walked to get Preston and Adam and Juliann tested out the water to see if she could make it to the school. She decided to try and as I started driving out with the boys, with the rain still steadily coming down I decided to go pull the girls out of school. Not knowing if the rain would keep going and seeing how flooded it already was I was scared that it would get worse and that it would be a disaster getting the girls from school, if I even could. There were a couple other moms taking their kids out so I felt a little better about my decision and the girls thought it was great (although Ella was initially freaked out when they came and told her I was here to take her out of school. I had just seen her and hadn't mentioned and she thought something bad had happened to a relative). So, we hung out at home and after a couple hours the sun was out and it was gorgeous...and I felt very stupid :-). Oh well, better safe than sorry! During the afternoon the girls were playing so quietly and Preston and his buddies were being crazy boys having fun :-).
I stole this picture from a friend's facebook page to show how deep the water was and to show why I was so scared driving in it (if you read this, thanks Lori :-)!

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