Monday, May 20, 2013

Filling In

I am so ready for summer! No rushing to pack lunches in the morning, no strict schedules, only one activity to get to each day, and time to play at the pool. Although I left my week last week clear of photo shoots, it was still busy with all of Preston's birthday celebrations, the taylor swift concert, appointments and tomorrow I host the joy school graduation. We have Ella's piano recital and Addie's graduation this week and next week there are 8 shoots coming up...ahhh! Today Preston and I had a recovery day and I am feeling so ready for our month in the RV where we are all forced to disconnect from the world a bit. Of course, being busy is fun in it's own way and definitely keeps thing interesting. Here are a few May happenings that I only captured with the phone.

On a Sam's Club shopping trip with Ian and Preston
More fun writing from Addie :-)
"I would put them in a cage. And then I would put them in jail. And when they are in jail they will have no food and water and they will die."
The first Saturday of May Katy Aquatics hosted a Splash into Summer event with free swim lessons, lots of food vendors, goody bags and more. It was Preston's first swim lesson and he was freaking out. Luckily he had three helpers all to himself and I think by the end they had convinced him to blow some bubbles in the water :-).
(the bottom right picture is Ella being interviewed by a newspaper reporter)
Enjoying the backyard before the heat set in...and obliging dad's crazy ideas

this is the bug that hits my neck and then ends up on my shoulder...hence the freak out
Prehistoric Looking Bug

Cute girls before school (Wednesday the 8th)
Gorgeous flowers from my mom's yard
We had a crazy Thursday morning, getting dressed, drinking our green smoothies, picking up some donuts and making it to location for a 7:30am photo shoot. Then it was off to school, where the girls made it on time! Preston and I headed to the gym, Emily came and picked him up for me and I went to the school for the girls' talent shows. I felt like I could do anything that day after accomplishing so much so early!
And although I did take this note seriously, it still made me laugh. "outlawing" "discovering" "intervention"...they are all words that seem hysterical when relating to a club made by a kindergartner :-). Addie does have a leader-type personality and I worry about the importance of us needing to make sure she understands the importance of being kind to EVERYONE and including EVERYONE in the things she does. I had previously had conversations about this "Cat Club" with her because I knew people were getting kicked out (which I told her was NOT ok) and that some of the kids were taking it very seriously (her friend Daniel's mom told me that although he had always wanted a dog, he didn't anymore because he didn't want to get kicked out of the cat club), so I do think it is for the best that it has been "outlawed".

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