Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a Couple

Just a couple pictures for now. Between birthdays, photo shoots, and end of year events at school, I haven't had a day at home to get caught up on editing in awhile...maybe by Friday.
Here are the girls looking cute before school one morning last week. I'm so terrible at getting pictures of them before school now, but they do look cute every day :-).
And me and Ella before heading to the Mother's Day activity at church.
Some silly things said yesterday by Preston and Addie...
About 5 minutes after tucking Preston in last night:
"I want another kiss mom, because I didn't feel one."
And some gems from Addie at swim practice yesterday:
The coach was looking at his team roster and called her Adeline, "My real name is Adeline but you can call me Addie because I can't spell Adeline."
And then to a little boy swimming in her lane, "You need to swim faster. You are making our team lose!" We had a chat about that one, stinker :-).
It seems like there was another Preston one from a couple days ago but I can't remember it now, which is why I need to be better about recording them right away!

**I remembered one of the Preston ones. He has been saying "wooo hooo!" and "booyah!" about things lately. Yesterday morning I had to work out early since I had a shoot in the morning and when I got home I was in the kitchen and heard Preston yell downstairs "mom?" when I told him he could come down he said, "wooo hooo hooo!" and ran down :-).

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