Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day

I talked to quite a few friends this year about how it's funny that on Mother's Day the thing we want most is to not have to do all our "mom jobs". And it's the truth. Mike ended up staying home from church with Preston because he was such a grump that morning that I just wanted some space, and some peace and quiet. But, on the bright side, I sure do love being a mom to my three crazies more than anything. It is definitely hard, but all it takes is one sweet note left under my pillow (Ella did that last night :-) to make any frustrations worth it.
This Mother's Day the kids made me sweet cards, we ate my favorite meal for dinner, I didn't have to clean up any messes AND I got lots of chocolate at church, so it was pretty much a perfect day. I'm so looking forward this year to having school over and going on our RV trip and just being together without any distractions!
I love that the girls helped Preston with his
craftiness at it's best from Addie
Ella filled out these little papers at school and although some were silly, some were so sweet

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