Saturday, May 25, 2013

Preston's 4th Birthday

On Monday the 13th our little Preston turned FOUR years old!!! I can't believe it. Our baby is 4...that is a full out kid! He is one crazy little guy and so sweet as well. His exaggerated facial expressions have the power to crack me up, drive me nuts and melt my heart. We have been working on using the iPad a lot less and he is really loving building with his legos and blocks recently. Preston loves his sister and asks Addie EVERY day if she is his friend. He and Ella love to rough house together and read and Addie loves to have school and art classes for him in her room. Preston loves to make us laugh, loves waffles for breakfast and anything not healthy for him at any other time (crackers, fruit snacks, french fries, candy, etc). His very favorite meal is cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, but only from a restaurant despite my best efforts to recreate them. He does like asparagus, oranges and any kind of berry. Preston loved having school with his friends this year and got so excited when it was our turn to host it at our house, but he also is SO excited to go to real preschool next year "with the cool playground". He is obsessed with counting lately and is always sad to go to bed because "it's boring" but with those big hazel eyes and cute dimples, I don't mind reminding him it's time to sleep over and over again. We love you bud!

Monday morning Preston picked donuts for breakfast, so he opened a couple presents from us (his 2 most exciting presents didn't come for a LONG time unfortunately) and we headed out before getting the girls to school.
Preston's friend Ryan came to play in the morning and then we ran errands, including picking up supplies for his birthday party later in the week.
When I asked Preston what he wanted for dinner, his response was "I want a restaurant...with cheese enchiladas...and beans and rice too." Now, that's my kid :-). I told our waiter it was his birthday and I think we officially scarred Preston for life. Watching the video is so sad and I feel really bad, but we were trying to have fun!

Here is a video of when Preston first became obsessed with counting to 100.

Thursday was Preston's 4-year check-up. On Wednesday in the afternoon Preston's eyes started gooping up non-stop. I thought it was allergies but wasn't sure so it was perfect that we were going in the next day anyway. Preston's appointment was at 10am and our office is very punctual. When the doctor came in she told me it was pink eye. The big friend party (bounce house reserved, etc) was the next day at 11am so my first question was how long he had to be on the medicine before he could be around other kids again. The doctor told us 24 hours and to run to the pharmacy to get him started and he would be fine. We put the first drops in at 10:40am...phew! Getting blood squeezed from a finger prick was VERY traumatic (he must have told me 100 times the rest of the day that he had an owie on his finger) but we survived and now being 4 is all fun!
Here are his stats:
height: 40.75" (61%)
weight: 36.5 lbs (57%)
Taking treats to Joy School on Tuesday

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Happy birthday to my sweet Preston ♥