Monday, June 24, 2013

Falcon Point vs. Firethorne meet

So, last Wednesday (the 19th) was the make-up meet against Firethorne after the first one got rained out. The coaches decided to start the meet at the individual freestyle since that is what we were in the middle of when the storms rolled in. Both the girls had not done great the first time around, so we were fine starting it there and were thankful we didn't have to sit through all the free relays again.
This time was an awesome night for both girls! I scheduled some private lessons with the coach for Addie to get her side breathing down and it made SUCH a difference! She beat her previous best times in freestyle and backstroke and although Ella only improved her butterfly time, she swam well in every stroke and got her very first individual blue ribbon of the season! It was SO exciting!!! Way to go girlies!
Addie Freestyle (lane 1)
Seed time: 31.35
(although the last 2 meets she was swimming slower than that)
This meet: 27.21 (3rd/17 on FP)

Ella Freestyle (lane 3)
Seed time: 20.09
This meet: 20.18 (3rd at meet and 2nd/12 on FP)

Addie Backstroke (lane 5)
Seed time: 40.19
This meet: 38.44 (5th/17 on FP)

Ella Backstroke (lane 3)
Seed time: 23.50
This meet: 24.90 (2nd at meet and 1st/12 on FP)

Ella and Madeline are always neck and neck with their times and take turns being 1st and 2nd in most the events. They have also become good little buddies during the swim season!
Ella and Claire see each other at church and school too, but swim team has really helped them get to know each other better and become good friends as well which makes me so happy!
Ella Breaststroke (lane 5)
Seed time: 26.08
This meet: 26.77 (2nd at meet and 2nd on FP)

Ella Butterfly (lane 3)
Seed time: 25.01
This meet: 24.56 (1st at meet and on FP)

And the girls rocked the Medley Relay...always exciting!

Zachara, Claire, Ella and Madeline
Ella and Madeline thought it was super cool that they won the exact same ribbons :-)! 2 1sts, 1 2nds and 1 3rd. See what I mean about them being each other's competition!
And hanging out with Sara and Hailey to see who would win the meet (we did by only 4 points!)

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