Thursday, June 6, 2013

Insta Lately

Instagram pics of random events...
Preston was very attached to his plane from Kayley, Scott and Ollie when he first got it
Wednesday, May 22nd, Preston and I had lunch with the girls one last time at school
(Ella was having a rough day and was a little emotional so we didn't take a picture with her, but we were glad we went!)
Preston relaxing while I edit
First fresh cherries of the season...yum!
Enjoying Preston's new birthday presents
Preston and I headed to the pool for some one-on-one time the 24th.
I thought he would be thrilled, but he wanted Addie to come with us :-)
Receiving birthday mail from Mack and Cheryl
worn out from his special day with mom :-)
The girls finally got to go down the slide at swim practice!
Family movie trip to see Epic
Memorial Day fun at my parents' house
Obsessed with our Citiblocs!
Breakfast at ChickfilA on the last Friday of the school year (31st)
And Addie's first trip to the dermatologist. She's had a weird mole on her head for a long time and I had told her dermatologist about it before, but he said she didn't need to come in unless it changed. I had an appointment for a mole of mine that had changed so I added Addie to it. She was very nervous on the way there, but ended up loving our doctor. When he was done taking samples of it, she sat up surprised and said, "It didn't even hurt!" On the way back to school she told me that the doctor was SO nice and she wanted to go back there :-). I promised her ice cream after if she was brave and she definitely earned it. (and as an update, both of our moles were ok...phew!)
June 1st Mike and I celebrated our 11th anniversary by FINALLY trying out Taste of Texas and going to a movie. We both wished we were in Costa Rica again :-)!
Walking into church on a rainy Sunday
Ella created this one :-)
And last one for now...
Beauty freaked out when Preston got dressed up in the dragon costume for a birthday party. It was HILARIOUS :-)!!!

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