Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Meet: Falcon Point vs. Pin Oak

Saturday (the 22nd) was our last regular swim meet of the season. It was at our pool and we won by a lot, which was a fun way to end the season! Nana and Grandad were able to come out to see the girls swim their freestyles and backstrokes and then they took Preston home with them so Mike could stay and see all of Ella's races (he usually takes the younger two home at that point). It was a dramatic meet for Ella...super low during breaststroke and super high during butterfly, but overall the girls swam really well! Addie beat her backstroke time and Ella killed her butterfly. It's been a fun season, but I'm glad that it is almost is hot out there! Both girls made it to the Meet of Champs coming up this Saturday and Ella has a shot of making it to All Stars in butterfly, so we'll see how it goes!
Addie Freestyle (lane 4)
seed time: 27.21
this meet: 29.11 (5th/21 on FP)

Ella Freestyle (lane 2)
seed time: 20.09
this meet: 20.67 (1st/17 on FP)

Addie Backstroke (lane 6)
seed time: 38.44
this meet: 38.00(4th/17 on FP...she ended the year 5th overall on the team, just missing the chance to swim this at meet of champs too)

Addie and Rachel waiting for their ribbons
Ella Backstroke (lane 4)
seed time: 23.50
this meet: 23.16 (1st/17 on FP)

And then after a long break it was time for breaststroke. Ella seemed ready to go but for some reason when she dove in she thought for a second she was doing butterfly and the first movement her arm made after streamlining was not the right one for breaststroke. She knew immediately she had DQd and the rest of the race she just went through the motions. I knew it would be bad when she got out of the water and sure enough she ran over to us and started crying. After consoling her a bit we told her to go over and get her ribbon and then come back to us but she didn't want to go get the 6th place ribbon for DQing. I was getting worried the funk would carry over to butterfly which was quickly coming up, so after trying some different approaches to cheering her up I suggested we burn the ribbon when we get home. It made her laugh and she thought it sounded fun, so we went and waited in line to get it. I was nervous about how butterfly would go though because she still seemed pretty sad.. But it all was fine!
Ella Butterfly (lane 4)
seed time: 24.56
this meet: 21.65!!!! (1st on FP)

And watch her in this relay.
 I only started recording at her leg and she was swimming like crazy!

So, it all ended well and she was so excited to jump in the pool at the end of the meet to celebrate!
And, as promised...

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