Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet of Champs 2013

I feel SO on top of it blogging something that happened yesterday! But we need to get these videos up for all the family that didn't get to witness the meet in person.
Yesterday morning we headed out early for the Meet of Champions. Ella was swimming in every event and Addie made it in freestyle. We dropped Preston off to spend the day with Grammy and Greatfrog (a HUGE help and he had tons of fun!) and then headed to our assigned high school for the day. Meema and Papa were able to make the drive out from San Antonio to cheer on the girls and it was really exciting to have them here!
Here are the basics of how the Meet of Champs and All Stars Meet work.
There were 6 divisions in the league this year (what division you are in is based on the size of your team...we were moved up to div 3 this year). We swim against the teams in our division during our regular season and then we all go to the Meet of Champs (MOC) together, with each division having it's own MOC.
The top 8 times for freestyle and the top 4 for back, breast and fly from your team go to MOC. So, it is awesome to make it to MOC, but there are quite a few that go from each team.
Going to All Stars is HARD. Until our last regular meet of the season I thought there was NO WAY Ella would go. The first place finisher for each event and age group is guaranteed to go to All Stars. So from our MOC 1 girl in freestyle from each age group and one boy, etc. They take 16 swimmers to All Stars total for each event (I heard 12 yesterday, but it is an 8 lane pool and I looked at the results from last year and there were 16, so I'm pretty sure that is what it will be again). That means that after the 6 spots are taken by the winners of each division, there are 10 left to fill and they do that based on the next best times from ALL the MOCs.
But back to our meet yesterday...
We got there, got set up and waited for start time. I was one of the 7/8 ready bench parents so I was with Ella's group all day getting them lined up for events. I was able to go in with Addie's group too though. These big indoor meets can be intimidating the first time so I didn't want her to freak out. Mike and his parents would go in for each event to watch and Mike took all the videos for the day. Ella got to help sing the national anthem with other members from her team, which was a fun way to start things off!
Ella's 2 relays (free and medley) went first. We have not done great at the free relay all year, but we have won the medley relay every time so I thought we had a good shot at that one. Sadly, we got 4th/5 teams on both. Oh well. I thought it was weird to have them do the relays first, but in some ways I think it was nice because they could get their nervousness out on those ones.
Then it was time for Addie's freestyle. She made it into the top heat with the 8th fastest seed. When I explained to her that she was against the fastest girls and just to do her best she was initially excited because she found out a couple days ago that 8th place ribbons are purple and she thought she could get one :-). But they don't do ribbons at MOC, so no luck there.
When she was getting into her ready position she fell into the water (they are a lot higher over the water than in the outdoor pools). She started crying but we got her right back out and off they went. It wasn't her best time, but she did a great job and I'm proud of how well she did this season! Such a HUGE improvement over last year!!! Good job Addie girl!
Addie Freestyle (lane 8)
seed time: 27.21
this meet: 29.56
17th/37 swimmers (and 3rd of our 8 swimmers)

The next 2 were freestyle and backstroke for Ella. Freestyle was the only event she wasn't in the top heat for. She swam right around where she has most the season.
Ella Freestyle (lane 2)
seed time: 20.09
this meet: 20.13
10th/38 (top 8 get medals, so it was a bummer she was so close)

Ella Backstroke (lane 7)
seed time: 23.16
this meet: 24.32
8th/20 (just made it for medals!)

Breaststroke was up next and then butterfly. Breaststroke had been her favorite for the last year, although as she continued to improve her butterfly time over this season she was starting to love it more :-). Her breaststroke time has been pretty consistent for awhile though so I wasn't expecting a crazy time on this one. She has a beautiful stroke but she never seems to pick up the pace on it. We figured butterfly was her best shot at getting to All Stars but that it would still be hard.
Then something clicked with breaststroke yesterday and she finally sped up the tempo!
Ella Breaststroke (lane 7)
seed time: 26.08
this meet: 24.62
2nd place/20!!! (we will know today whether that time will qualify for All Stars)

And the last event of the meet. I knew she could do it in this one but I was nervous for her! I nearly cried watching it I was so happy for her that she did her best when it really counted!
Ella Butterfly (lane 5)
seed time: 21.65
this meet: 20.72
1st place/20!!! All Stars here we come!

So, it was an exciting end to a big day!
The other cool thing is that in our heat sheets from the meet are the all-time records for the Division III MOC (top 10) and Ella will be in two of them next year!
She has the 6th best in breaststroke and 3rd best in butterfly! EVER!!
Ella really worked hard this year on her swimming so it is so exciting to see it all pay off. I'm so proud of her and so happy that she has found something she loves and can do well at. The funny thing is she has HATED butterfly for the past year. Her body just wouldn't get the motion down right and then half way through this summer season it just clicked. She wanted me to email her Katy Aquatics coach right away and tell her she got 1st in butterfly because she knew Coach Steph would be shocked :-). And now guess which stroke is her favorite :-)?!
Here is the other funny story about all these events. So, leading up to our last meet of the regular season I had looked at past MOC times and All Star times to see if Ella had a shot of making it. It had been her goal at the beginning of the season to go and I wanted to see if it was even realistic. This was before the butterfly thing clicked and it really looked like it was a long, long shot to make it to All Stars. So, one night when I was tucking her in bed and she asked if I would give her a reward if she made it there I just said without thinking, "Sure. I'll give you $100." The next meet is when she busted out that butterfly and I quickly realized that stinker just might cost me one hundred dollars :-)! She quickly decided she wanted a kindle and she did it. We ordered a kindle fire last night so we can get it in time for our big trip. Oh Ella :-).
She had a fun rest of the afternoon too. We picked up Preston and headed to eat straight from the meet. And when we got home her two best swimming buddies Claire and Madeline came over to play. I didn't see them much for the next few hours but I heard lots and lots of giggling :-). Ella is going to miss getting hang out with them all the time now that the season is over!


Chrissy said...

YAY Ella Bella!!!! Can't wait to hear how All Stars goes!!

Diane Freeman said...

Thank you Miss Ella and Miss Addie for one of my favorite and most exciting days ever!!! I loved watching you swim. Congratulations to both of you, your hard hard work paid of big time!
See you next week for our fun trip together! And good job on the super fast post Marci!

Brittany said...

Yay Ella and Yay Addie! I'm sad I missed seeing you guys swim in person, but I'm so excited for you that you are such good swimmers! Good luck tomorrow Ella! I love you girls and can't wait to see you next week!