Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mock Meet 2013

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (the 25th) we had our mock swim meet to get times for the kids and to give the adults a chance to figure what we are doing at the meets. The weather was actually not too bad and it was a fun way to kick off the summer swim season. I forgot the camera, which was really sad...thank goodness for phones that do a decent job! The heat #s and lane assignments were all random since there were no times recorded for the season yet and the girls both did great!
Claire and Ella
Addie ready to "dive" in :)
Ella is on the right, waiting for the rest to finish (breaststroke)
Addie Freestyle
Last year's best: 1:07.72
This meet: 31.35 (4th out of 27)
lane 2

Ella Freestyle
Last year's best: 23.53
Indoor best: 22.09
This meet: 21.10 (1st out of 22)
lane 4

Addie Backstroke
Last year's best: 1:08.28
This meet: 40.19 (8th out of 27)
lane 3

Ella Backstroke
Last year's best: 31.44
Indoor best: 25.50
This meet: 24.92 (2nd out of 22)
lane 1

Ella Breaststroke
Last year's best: 32.93
Indoor best: 27.38
This meet: 27.24 (1st out of 22)
(I thought the phone was on video but it wasn't :-()
Ella Butterfly
Last year's best: 34.63
Indoor best: 28.23
This meet: 25.01 (1st out of 22)
lane 4

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the Holyoaks said...

It's so awesome that your kids are involved in swim team! Matt did swim team when he was a kid and said it was a lot of work, but he really liked it and it helped him with his endurance. They both did so great! I'm so impressed with their improved times!