Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Night Swim Meet vs. Weston Lakes

Since our last night meet was cancelled due to weather, this was our first real night meet (the 11th)...and into the night it did go! The pool was so far away and although very lush and beautiful around it, not the best pool for swim meet (hardly anywhere to sit and watch). My mom called while we were waiting for it to start to get the address and I told them to stay home :)! Ella had a great meet though and even though we didn't get home until well after 11pm, she has so much fun at the late meets.
Addie jumped in a little too soon on this and was pretty upset about it afterwards, but look how fast she jumps back out when she realizes what she did :-).
Addie Free Relay

Ella Free Relay

Addie Freestyle
Seed time: 31.35
This race: 36.41 (11th/24 on Falcon Point)

Ella Freestyle
(too bad someone totally blocks the finish of the race!)
Seed Time: 21.10
This race: 20.09 (1st/19 on FP, 3rd at meet!)

Addie Backstroke
Seed Time: 40.19
This race: 47.97 (13th/24 on FP)

Ella Backstroke
Seed Time: 24.92
This Race: 23.50 (1st/19 on FP, 2nd at meet!)

Ella Breaststroke
Seed Time: 27.24
This Race: 26.08 (2nd on FP, 3rd at meet!)

This was the only race she didn't improve her time on, but she swam butterfly in the relay afterwards and rocked her time.
Ella Butterfly
Seed Time: 25.01
This Race: 27.07 (2nd on FP , 4th at meet!)

Even though they ended up getting 2nd, Ella was able to take over the lead during her butterfly leg, which was exciting!
Ella IM Relay

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