Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer So Far

I feel like this week will be our first real week of summer. Last week started out with everyone taking turns being sick and TONS of photo shoots...eight to be exact. So, this week we have swimming and relaxing on the agenda (along with some editing of course :-).
Friday and Saturday, the 7th/8th
Addie won instant winner at HEB, I took the kids to the pool and Mike and I went on a date to the Alamo to see an early movie.
That night I became SO sick, so suddenly, that I was convinced it was food poisoning and it pretty much wiped me out for the rest of the weekend.
The kids watched lots of TV and played on the computer/iPad a lot :-)
Sunday, the 9th
Preston looked so cute in one of his new bow ties from Aunt Kayley.
That night Ella woke up throwing up and the next day, Monday, Mike was sick too.
Tuesday, 11th
Everyone was feeling good and I had to be super organized to head out for three shoots in a row (downtown and all the way to Baytown) and then get home and be ready to head to a night swim meet.
Wednesday, 12th
Planning a fun pool day and then Addie woke up at 6am and threw up twice, so we ended up staying home instead. It was a perfect time to start our summer school books. Luckily, she didn't seem to have it badly and was fine the rest of the day so we still headed to Babin's for dinner. Ella earned this dinner by improving all her stroke times at the meet the night before.
Thursday, 13th
I was convinced Preston would be getting sick at any time so we stayed in again. It was super relaxing. The girls did go to swim practice that afternoon. (Beauty is in heaven with Ella home all the time!)
Friday, 14th
Family Pool Time for a bit and later in the afternoon the girls had a playdate with their friends from school. And that was the real beginning of our summer :-)! Wooo Hooo

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Katie Bradley said...

My goodness, you are busy! Yeah, if I'd have pulled it together, I would have tried to see you one last time (even have you take our picture!) but, alas, i was a crazy wild woman for the whole last month in texas. So I'll have to give you a cyber-wave and hope that's good enough! Good thing we have our blogs!