Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Swim Pictures and First Meet

After the open house we hurried over to the pool for our swim pictures. I ordered a team picture and one of the girls together so I could have a button for the meets but took my own of them individually.
trying to get that many kids lined up is a nightmare!
the photographer was where I took Addie's but I like how Ella's turned out better I think with the lane ropes in the FP colors
the official pic
swim pic
Friday after practice was a team pizza party
And then our first official meet was Saturday morning bright and early.
We are all excited and had fun, but the neither of the girls swam their best. I think Ella psyched herself out a bit after knowing she was the top seed in every event. Just being in the first heat this year for the first time has taken her some adjusting (she told me she couldn't get first place anymore after this meet), but we have been working on it with her and I think she is starting to believe in herself more. We had a meet last night and she beat her times in every event except butterfly (although she did kill butterfly in the IM relay), so hopefully we are on the right track for the rest of the season.
Here are the times from this meet (I don't remember what places they won in their heats and there are only 2 heats of butterfly and breaststroke so only 6 girls from our team swim those events)...
freestyle: 33.25 (seed time: 31.35) 9th/27 on FP
backstroke: 41.84 (seed time: 40.19) 12th/27
freestyle: 21.59 (seed time: 21.10) 3rd/20 on FP
backstroke: 28.03 (seed time: 24.92) 4th/20
breaststroke: 27.78 (seed time: 27.24) 4th
butterfly: 26.44 (seed time: 25.01) 2nd
Addie's friend from preschool is on our team, CJ

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