Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All Stars Meet 2013

Monday night was the All Star meet and with Ella swimming breaststroke and butterfly, she wasn't up until the end of the meet. We were able to get a babysitter for Addie and Preston, which ended up being a really good thing because the volunteer job I was doing had me busy the whole the meet. I wish I had been able to hang out with Ella more while we were waiting for her races to come up, but she had Mike, my parents, Hope and my grandma all there keeping her company.
I am pretty sure this event has been going on for many, many years so I was surprised by how unorganized all the running of it was. In the end, when it was time for it to start everyone knew what they were doing though and it all ran smoothly. Ella looked super tired when she came over to where I was to line up for her first swim, breaststroke. We were jumping around trying to get pumped up :-). Overall she swam well in both events, even taking another .10 off her butterfly time. The All Stars are super competitive though and that landed her 14th/16 in breaststroke and 12th/16 in butterfly. To think of how many 7/8s there are swimming in the league, it is pretty amazing to make it there and we are so proud of her!
One cool thing at this meet is that they announce each child in their lane before the race and have their names and times up on the big screen. Ella was in the top heat, lane 1 for both events and it was fun to see her walking down towards her lane to her little cluster of coaches all waiting to cheer her on.
Ella with coach Mike before the meet. The kids love that he dresses up like a pirate for these big meets.
Breaststroke (lane 1)
seed time: 24.62
meet time: 25.62

Butterfly (lane 1)
seed time: 20.72
meet time: 20.64

Here's our little swimmer while we are waiting to pick up dinner.

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Diane Freeman said...

Congratulations Ella on your great achievement!!!