Monday, July 22, 2013

Back on the Road, RV Style

Thursday, the 11th, we drove the rest of the way back to the RV in Dallas. Aside from a few crazy moments where they got super loud and silly, the kids were such troopers in the little car, especially Ella, smooshed in between Preston and Addie. That being said, they were still driving me a little nuts, but they were getting along (and even created their own language) so I tried to block out the noise :-). We kept saying we needed some limo glass dividing the front from the back and it would be perfect. 
We hung out in Dallas a bit to let the traffic die down and ate dinner at Saltgrass. After so much fast food on the Nauvoo leg of the trip, that food tasted AMAZING! We drove to Witchita Falls for the night to test out how the RV was doing and seriously talked about renting an RV right from there. I was nervous about heading out in our RV only to get part way to CO and have it die, leaving us stranded and then be in an even more complicated situation to switch over to another one. We called a few rental places though and it is just SO expensive that in the end we decided to go for it on our own.
Mike had carefully planned our route so that we would need to stop the minimal amount of times, and always in bigger cities, so that if by chance it wouldn't drive again at least we would have options. He drove from Witchita Falls to Amarillo and then from Amarillo to Pueblo, CO without stopping at all...and those are long drives going 60mph tops in the RV. He was pretty amazing and we made it!!!
It felt like quite an accomplishment to make it to CO and we ate dinner and then settled in for our first real night in the RV since leaving our house nearly 1 week before.
killing time in the RV in Dallas...the kids were so excited to get to play with something!
I'm pretty sure these ones are from the next morning as we drove up to Colorado Springs, but I had the kids wear the same clothes since we were going to be hiking around and I'm not sure :-). I let Ella sit up front for a little while and she thought it was SO cool!

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