Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Utah - Friends, Hobble Creek and Fun

Later Friday afternoon I took the kids to a park to meet up with some friends from my Freshmen year at BYU. Lindsey and Kirsten lived next door to me in the dorms and through blogs and facebook we have been able to keep up on what is going on in each other's lives despite not seeing each other in many years. It was great to see them again and to finally meet their kids. It was pretty hilarious to watch our kids playing though! They pretty much stuck to their families for the most part...until the end of the couple hours we were there when it was time to go, of course :-)!
Addie and Carter are alike in a lot of ways, both very creative and coming up with their own ideas, and at one point we noticed them sitting under this tree on opposite sides just entertaining themselves. So funny :-).
While eating breakfast that morning we found out there was going to be a dance party on Center Street at 8pm and Ella really wanted to check it out :-), so we got some dinner at Magelby's Fresh (a place Mike and I frequented because it was on the Starving Student Card...a card of coupons you could by at the beginning of the school year) and then headed over to check out Hobble Creek for a bit before heading back into Provo. It is so pretty in the mountains and the kids were excited to walk along the water. It got us all excited to finally camp in Yosemite (we were planning to camp in Escalante on our way to Provo, but with the RV issues we had to cut it out). We picked up slurpees and then headed to the dance party. There was a band playing and we stayed until a bit after 9pm but the dance part of the party wasn't getting started until later, and we needed to get the kiddos in bed so we didn't get to stay for it. Poor Lella :-)!
The next day, Saturday the 20th, was our Salt Lake City day. But before we headed downtown to check out the sights, we met up with my old roommate Brooke and her cute little family for brunch. She suggested the Original Pancake House and it was SO good! Seriously, so much good food on this trip :-)! Her cute little Maggie was just an itty bitty newborn last summer when we saw her and now she is 1! Even though it was quick, I'm so glad that we were able to see each other and we both agreed another Park Place 4 reunion is needed in the near future!
just testing my settings, but Mike looked cute so I kept it :-)

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