Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Week

Although I would rather be blogging about the first day of school right now, I need to get caught up :-(. I also need to do just a post about cute Ella for her birthday...and take pictures of her (and of Preston whose birthday was in MAY)...and a zillion other things :-).
But back to the week of August 12th...
It was party time for us! Lots of celebrating Ella's birthday and lots of play dates with friends mixed in with some school shopping and pool days.
We had some credit to use up from joining Lifetime so we signed Preston up for swim lessons. They aren't the greatest, but they're free so we'll take them :-).
A pre-birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory and a trip to the American Girl store. Ella used some of her birthday money to get Rebecca's ears pierced and her hair fixed up a bit.
Ella's real birthday!
Donuts and kolaches for breakfast, lunch by the pool with one of her best buddies and dinner at Babin's!
Mike took each of the kids on a date before he had to head back to work and he took Preston to Chuck E Cheese earlier in the day. I forgot to get a picture of them before they left. Good thing they brought this back :-)!
It has been a tradition for awhile that the kids can stay up until midnight on their birthday. I convinced Ella to wait an extra day though, because Wednesday was an important day for her at swimming. She was evaluated to see if she would be moved up a group at Katy Aquatics. I really felt like she should be in Age Group I after how much she improved and was able to accomplish over the summer season but I was so nervous that for one reason or another they wouldn't move her up. She had to swim 6 50's of butterfly and totally killed the big 12 year old boy who was doing it with her in every single one! They moved her up and we are so proud of her!!! She works so hard and it is so fun to see it all pay off and for her to succeed at something she loves.
She picked blizzards to celebrate :-) and had NO problem staying up till midnight this year!
Earlier that day Preston had swim lessons and got to go down the big kid slide at the end! He thought it was the best day of his life :-). Then Bennett and Ellie came over to play. I am glad I took pictures of this day but sad I didn't take pictures of any of the other playdates of the week. We tried to see all our favorite friends one more time before school started!

Thursday was errands, school shoe shopping (Preston is SOOO excited about his fast shoes!) and Ella's birthday present came. She mainly wanted money but that seemed pretty boring to give her. She loves listening to music in her room now so we got her a new player and her very favorite singer's CD. Too bad I didn't have the idea a week earlier so we could figure it all out in time for her birthday. Oh well, she didn't seem to mind so hopefully she'll survive :-).
Addie had her date with Mike (she chose Cici's pizza) and Mike and I finished out our dating spree...3 days in a row :-). Can you tell we missed them while we were gone all summer?! We went to Taste of Texas and both the Alamo's. Itty Bitty City loved us that weekend :-)!
Oh, and Kayley's baby shower for miss Eloise Adele was on Saturday too. We keep busy :-)! Pics of that to come.

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