Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Later on Tuesday afternoon (the 20th) Ella went on her date with Mike (she also chose Cici's...I have no idea why the girls think it's so great). So, to say Ella had a pretty good couple days would be an understatement :-). Wednesday we went swimming at a friend's house and the kids needed haircuts before meet the teacher that evening. I got ready to go and went to round everyone up but I found them all in Preston's room quiet and getting along, so I just went to do some work on the computer and we went to get haircuts once the fighting started back up :-). Addie just recently had hers trimmed so she was able to sit this one out. Later in the evening I took the girls over to the school to meet their teachers and then we went to Tutti Fruiti for a treat after, a tradition we started when Ella went into kindergarten. Overall we were happy with the people in the girls' classes. They both had friends they were hoping to be with that weren't but there were also important friends still in their homerooms which was a relief. All 4 of the teachers seem really nice and it definitely had me feeling good about the year to come!
and after...not much change :-)

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