Friday, August 23, 2013

The Adventurous Ride Home

Friday we got the rental RV unloaded and returned and then spent the day at the Redd's house hanging out and trying to figure out how in the heck we were going to get all our stuff that had been packed in the RV back to Texas in our little Hyundai. Chalonn took the kids to a splash pad that afternoon which was so helpful! Mike definitely needed a nap and I worked away on the computer responding to emails and organizing pictures. After finding out we could not tow our car behind a rental SUV (I thought if we could do that we would have more space for the drive and we could stuff all our things into the Hyundai while it was towed but they don't allow it), and deciding that getting a POD shipped back to Houston was way too much money, Mike went to Walmart and bought a couple nets to MacGyver our stuff to the top of the car. I took family pictures for Heber and Chalonn (which I finally get to edit soon and I'm excited!) and then they got a babysitter for ALL our kids and we went on a date. It was amazing to be out without the kiddos after a whole month :-)! We went to dinner and then on a scavenger hunt for brownies and ice cream which eventually led us to Denny's (where the brownie was actually really good). They were soooo helpful through all our RV issues and we had so much fun hanging out with them that night. We definitely need to see them for longer on our next Utah trip!
Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out...squished and looking a little ghetto, but with everyone and everything we really needed secured and with us. The game plan for the drive was simple...get it over with FAST! It actually wasn't nearly as bad as we had feared it would be. The kids did ok in the squished back seat and Mike ended up driving the whole way home. I was ready to take over when we stopped for gas in the middle of the night but he was feeling fine so he said he would keep on going. No arguments here! It wasn't long after that stop, outside of Amarillo, that we hit a deer. I woke up with the impact and saw my life flash before my eyes because I thought we were driving off the road (I didn't have my glasses on :-). Mike assured me we had hit a deer but would survive :-). So, in addition to having all our belongings strapped to the roof of the car we added a nice dent with deer hair stuck in it and an awesomely loud noise when we were in our lower gears to our awesome appearance. The good news is, we could still drive and the even better news is that we made it home.
seeing if it would all fit
I have never been so excited to see the familiar sites of Katy! As we came into town on I-10 I exclaimed, "There's our Sam's Club!!! We are almost home!" The month long trip didn't seem too long when we were on it, but once we knew the end had arrived and we were heading home I definitely felt ready to be back!
We pulled into our driveway Sunday afternoon (the 4th). Beauty was SOOO happy to see Ella and Ella to see her, Preston was SOOO excited to take a bath, Addie was SOOO excited to be back in her room, I was SOOO excited to go through all the missed mail and Mike was SOOO excited to get in bed.
It was a more adventurous trip than we had planned and we missed out on some things I was excited about as a result (like the Grand Canyon), but overall, it was an amazing vacation. We saw some of our favorite places, visited with some of our favorite people and ate at some of our favorite restaurants. Can't ask for more!


Emily said...

Love the car picture! I'm guessing this will be one of the most memorable trips for you guys! Glad you guys were able to roll with the punches and make it home safely.

Kirsten said...

I can't believe you made it home with the car like that! Amazing! I'm jealous of all the fun adventures you had - glad you had a great time and glad we got to see you!

Sarah Severson said...

that is a crazy story!!! seriously amazing you fit everything above the car and made it home despite hitting a deer too. glad you were safe!